Native Instruments Mod Pack (Mac) + Vst Crack Free Download

Native Instruments Mod Pack (Mac) + Vst Crack Free Download

Native Instruments has a tradition of giving during the holiday season, offering free e-vouchers, presets or sample libraries to their user community. Sometimes, however, the gift is more substantial. This was the case in December when NI made Phasis free to download for a limited time. The unassuming plug-in offered more than your average phaser, giving producers a wide range of sound design potential and interesting ways to manipulate the underlying algorithms. Little did we know that Phasis was merely an appetizer before the main course: a three plug-in suite called Mod Pack. Besides Phasis, it includes a pair of new effects called Flair and Choral, which take a similarly innovative approach to flanging and chorus.

Last but certainly not least, Choral provides a unique take on the chorus effect. Like all choruses, it creates copies of the original sound that vary in timing and pitch, making the signal seem wider and larger. Native Instruments gives you four different modes to work with here, all of which have their own sonic character. Perhaps the best of these is a Synth mode inspired by vintage polysynths of the past. I took a hint from the preset names “Classic Chorus I” and “Classic Chorus II” and guessed that they had the Roland Juno series in mind when designing this algorithm. The other modes in Choral include Ensemble, which replicates the style of chorus found in string synths, Dimension, which is based on rack processors from the early ’80s, and Universal, which is a modern design for clean tones. Choral’s main twist is the Scatter button, an icon sitting next to the feedback knob that’s small enough to be missed unless you know what you’re looking for. When enabled, the feedback routing for the chorus voices is altered in a way that gives a reverb-like tail to your sounds.

For the money, there’s little in the way of competition for Mod Pack out there. Perhaps the best comparison could be the excellent QuatroMod from Audio Damage. But for depth of sound design potential Mod Pack has the edge. If you’re a Maschine or Komplete Kontrol user, you’ll want Mod Pack as well as it ships with support for the NKS standard, giving you hands-on control and browser integration. A thorough read of the manual as well as some experimental learning is required to get the most out of these plug-ins, but what you can do with them makes it worth the investment.

Software Information:

  • Mod Pack (Includes: Flair, Choral and Phasis effects)
  • Native Instruments.
  • Komplete 12.
  • 64-bit (AU and VST Format).
  • Mac OSx  10.12, 10.13, 10.14.

 Download Link is given below:

Download Link 

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